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5 One Day Escapes in Prague
When the sun is out and the outdoor calls, it only makes sense that youa��d want to hit the road and explore some spots outside of the big city.
8 Useful Apps for Expats in Prague
Whether you're new to the city or decided along the way to stay here for good, there are several apps you may want to have at the tip of your fingertips to make living in Prague as an expat a whole lot easier.


When relocating to Prague for work you have few options how to do that. You can either get the employee card or you can be self-employed for which you need to get business visa and trade license. Both of these are processes are time-consuming and cost a lot of effort. A lot of paperwork, a lot of appointments. We can help. We will support you through out this process and help you to get the documents you need.

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Frontend Developer from Portugal

How did you find an apartment in Prague?

I started with AirBnB which is easy but more expensive and then rented a flatshare using Facebook. I took about a week to understand how everything worked and where it was easier to find accommodation, but once I realized Facebook was the easiest I replied really fast, scheduled a lot of visits and found an apartment in about 3 weeks total.
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Designer from Mexico

Have you ever been sick and had to visit a doctor in Prague?

Yeah, all good, easy. The very first time I just ended up going to Hospital to get checked there as it seemed the easiest thing to do. After that, I was just recommended an English-speaking GP by an acquaintance and it has been just fine.

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Frontend Developer from Brazil

Do you have a car in Prague?

No, I think it’s absolutely unnecessary. Commuting with public transportation here is absolutely amazing. Every tram is always on time and it’s usually super fast to go anywhere, not to mention night trams. 

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Product Manager from North Carolina

Have you already explored some other parts of the Czech Republic apart from Prague?

Czech villages are hidden gems. They are beautiful and surrounded by nature.

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Frontend Developer from Portugal

What are the Czech people like?

I don’t think people all over the world are generally that different from each other, especially when just comparing different countries in Europe. All the Czech people I got to know well are just as friendly as any Portuguese person would be. They’re always up for partying and drinking too, which is awesome.

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Backend Developer from Macedonia

What are the Czech people like?

If you are coming from the South you will think they have cold personalities, but that is not exactly true. Within few months you will learn to love and respect their individualism and relaxed culture.

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Frontend Developer from Brazil

How is the nightlife in Prague?

Amazing. This is the real city that never sleeps. There’s always something going on, regardless of the day of the week (and the time of the day).

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