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What is Code in Europe?

Europe. The old continent. Old continent flooded by newest IT technology with lack of IT experts. Companies from all over the world are moving their IT hubs to Europe. The reason is that there is a lot of talented and brilliant IT developers, however “a lot of” is not enough, right? European cities are great places to live, international, friendly and fun. What is the reason for the lack of professionals?

It might be the shortage of women in IT. Women create more than a half of the population but some researchers claim, that from 10 IT developers, just 1 is a woman.

The other reason can be the process of getting the visa, the permission to legally live and work in EU. There is no point in getting the travel visa for few months, come to EU and look for the employer here. It is too risky and expensive. On the other hand, the employers hardly ever offer visa sponsorship or they cannot provide the advisory for you on how to get the visa and honestly, without the employer standing behind you, you can hardly ever get the employer card or business visa.

Whatever the reason is, we are coming with a solution. The solution is called “Code in Europe”. Company STRV came up with an idea of creating a network of companies interested in cooperation with talented IT people from all over the world.

How does it work?

Our team provides recruiting and visa advisory. You provide skill, knowledge and courage to move away from your country and step out of your comfort zone.

Our aim? We want to spread the information and excitement for IT, that we have. To give you the opportunity to make a big change in your life, help you with finding a place and job you will love.

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