Raising children in the Czech Republic

Moving to another country is a big decision to make. It is even bigger when speaking about family because it is connected with a huge chunk of responsibility. Learn more about the educational system in the Czech Republic.

You might wonder… “Do I need this information now?” Maybe yes, maybe not. But it is good to know what is it like to raise a child in the Czech Republic (…you know, just in case…).A�Sooner or later you will be dealing with this stuff and if not, at least it gives you a picture of how the life in the Czech RepublicA�looks like.

Even though the Czech Republic is not one of the most known countries, it is a great place to live, indeed. Many surveys were held, to give you an actual proof. This article is focused on raising a child in the Czech Republic.

So, why is this country one of the best countries to raise a child? Let me give you few examples such as living cost, international environment and huge companies such as Amazon or Siemens building their branches in Prague, free or cheap education in comparison to other countries and almost free beer if you need any support (not for your kids of course).

It is worth considering to move to the Czech Republic, just BYOB*.

Would you like to know more about it? Just ask us or comment.

*Bring your own baby (not beer).