5 One Day Escapes in Prague

When the sun is out and the outdoor calls, it only makes sense that you’d want to hit the road and explore some spots outside of the big city.

When the sun is out and the outdoor calls, it only makes sense that you’d want to hit the road and explore some spots outside of the big city.

When you are feeling that itch to get out of Prague for the day, here’s five of our warm summer picks to keep you occupied for the day (or even for an entire weekend)!

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Beroun is a quaint little town not too far from Prague. Just hop on a train from Hlavni Nadrazi and in 35 minutes or 55 minutes (depending on which train you choose), you can find yourself walking through this town and escaping the hustle and bustle from Prague’s city life. 

In Beroun, be sure to feast on the country’s original best burger joint (Black Dog). Take a walk along the river, cross some bridges, and be sure to pay attention on the train ride to Beroun – the view of the river, greenery and cottages are absolutely stunning.



Karlstejn is actually on the way and in the same direction towards Beroun, so if you’re feeling it and have some extra time, you can also do both in one day (or weekend, for those who prefer slower-paced travel)!

What makes Karlstejn cool? There’s a must-see huge gothic castle at the top of the hill overlooking the city, which you can climb up and explore. During the summer, there’s often events and festivals held so that you can get a taste of local Czech customs, culture and of course the jidlo, or food.


If you are a wine lover, this city is for you. Melnik is about 35 kilometers north of Prague, roughly an hour’s worth of time to get there by bus or train.

What’s great about this city is that it’s perched on a high ridge, giving you fantastic views of two of Bohemia’s largest rivers merging at the Labe and the Vltava. This entire region is a major producer of wine, so take your pick and get your wine sipping on while you explore the incredible castle, church, and an entire crypt of bones!


Take a hike to see the devil heads!

Are you seeking a bit more of an adventure and want to get your body moving? Here’s your combo of a hike featuring weird, creepy, and fun.

On the outskirts of a forest near a village called Želízy (1.5 hours by transport from Prague), you can hike to stand under two huge demonic heads carved from sandstone. These Čertovy hlavy sculptures which translates to “The Devil Heads” were originally created in the mid 1800s and still stands today.

The hike continues in back of the devil heads, where you can follow the trail (yellow, green or blue) into the deep forest. The blue path is the most common, where you can encounter most of the alien-like stone carvings (of snakes, aliens, deformed faces, etc).


České Budějovice’s Budvar Pivovar

Home to the world famous beer Budweiser! 

Take a trip down to Pivovar Budějovický Budvar where you can get your chance to taste what real Budweiser beer is like. This brewery has the rights to use the brand name “Budweiser” throughout most of Europe. It has also successfully stood strong against all of American brewer Anheuser-Busch’s efforts to gain the exclusive right to the name. The brewery has a visitors’ center where you can get your fill on the real history while sipping on some chilled beer!