8 Useful Apps for Expats in Prague

Whether you're new to the city or decided along the way to stay here for good, there are several apps you may want to have at the tip of your fingertips to make living in Prague as an expat a whole lot easier.


Similar to the workings of Uber, Liftago connects you to nearby taxi drivers to take you from point A to point B at a fair price. Theres no need to struggle with language barriers since you can just plug in your address, and the car will know exactly where to take you. Whats cool here is that you can see the taxis location as it comes for you and you have the freedom to choose your payment methods either by setting up your card to the app or just paying in cash.


Now, this is a great one, allowing you to make reservations pretty much everywhere in the city without actually calling the venue. Browse through the endless food options and take your pick, then simply confirm a reservation and time straight from the app. And all you have to do is show up! Click to read more.

Google Maps

A critical one. For everyone who doesn’t have that inner GPS, Google Maps will certainly do all the groundwork for you. Not sure how to get somewhere? Plug in the addresses and see the best route to take in the city – as it incorporates the times of all public transport to make your journey as quick as possible.

If you want to take it a step further and live like a true local, check out the app Pubtran.


Are you into taking day trips outside of Prague? IDOS is the go-to app for locals and expats who need to figure out the best way to get from Prague to another local city. It gives you time listings of all the trains departing and arriving in and out of Prague.

Here are a few websites that you can take a peek at for train companies:
1. RegioJet.CZ
2. CD.CZ
3. LE.CZ

Budget Airlines in Europe

We’re in the center of Europe. I getcha. That’s why you need to have your handy list to fix you up with the best budget airlines in Europe to take you where you want to go next. I know these aren’t apps, but taking a look at their websites are just as necessary:

1. Ryanair.com
2. Easyjet.com
3. Wizzair.com
4. Vueling.com
5. Transavia.com

Online Shopping and Food Delivery

Need to get some groceries or electronics but don’t want to leave the house? These sites offer delivery straight to your home after purchasing the goods online:

1. Groceries: Rohlik.cz or Tesco.cz
2. Food from restaurants: Damejidlo.cz
3. Electronics: Alza.cz
4. Furniture/home appliances:Ikea.com

Rekola and Bike Sharing

Want to get some fresh air and see the city from a different point of view? Rent bikes affordably throughout the city with Rekola and find out the nearest bike closest to you. Everything is done on the app, so no paperwork or unnecessary waiting. Just bike and go.

Virtual Tram Tickets

Let’s be honest, buying single tram tickets are a real pain and are often sold only in metro stations and in underground Tabaks. What if you’re already at the tram stop and are ready to go?

Send a text message (the type of ticket you want) to this number 902 06, wait for the confirmation, and you’re all set.

For reference, these are the 4 types of tickets to send in the text message – just type DPT and the following numbers for the ticket you want:

1. DPT24 ticket for 30 minutes.

2. DPT32 ticket for 90 minutes.

3. DPT110 ticket for 24 hours.

4. DPT310 ticket for 72 hours.