Epic Nightlife of Prague
Be it high-class bars or world-class music festivals; when it comes to nightlife, Prague doesn’t mess around.
Prague: Land of the Beer Garden
No matter where you are in the Czech Capital, there’s likely a beer garden right around the corner just waiting to be discovered.
Row down the Vltava river
It’s summertime in Prague and you’re looking for new things to do after work or on the weekends? Bring some beer, snacks, and a few friends to set out on a perfect day on the river itself!
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5 One Day Escapes in Prague
When the sun is out and the outdoor calls, it only makes sense that you’d want to hit the road and explore some spots outside of the big city.
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8 Useful Apps for Expats in Prague
Whether you're new to the city or decided along the way to stay here for good, there are several apps you may want to have at the tip of your fingertips to make living in Prague as an expat a whole lot easier.
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What’s up? Beer!
Which country drinks beer the most? Who is the biggest producer? Where in the world can you get the cheapest beer?
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Start-ups in Prague
Prague, the heart of Europe, the heart beating for Start-ups? This article speaks about 12 start-ups in Prague. Read more about their successes and what are their plans for future.
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The Honest guide
The Honest guide will guide you around Prague. It is funny, smart and HONEST. Full of tips and tricks, stuffed with Czech culture and hidden spots. Explore Prague!