Budget and Travel Around Europe

Enjoy thousands of possibilities while staying on budget.

Traveling in Europe is an amazing experience with thousands of beautiful places filled with history, breathtaking landscapes, and completely different cultures to immerse yourself in. Giving you the chance to experience a lifetime of memories, friends, flavors and of course outstanding pictures.

One of the cities that is perfectly located in the heart of this continent is Prague, giving you easy access to not only the Czech Republic itself but also to the countries around it. Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary, are just a few hours away by bus or train, making those cheap destinations in terms of travel cost.



Train & Bus

Now, Prague is well connected by train to all of those countries, giving you a range of options for companies to choose for and probably one of the most relaxing ways to travel, especially if you are in a group. The biggest players are České dráhy and Regiojet where if you buy with enough time, you could easily get tickets to Berlin, Vienna or some of the major cities in these countries, for under 40 euros round trip. Buses are usually cheaper, although I’ll be harder for you to stretch your legs on long travels. Flixbus and Regiojet are the main ones, and you could get train and bus tickets easily in one single app if you download Omio (previously named goeuro).




You could still go by train or bus to places that are a bit farther away but is probably more convenient to take low-cost flights. Giving you access to countries like Italy, Spain or the Netherlands for as cheap as 80 euros (round trip included). These European locals airlines, Ryanair, Czech Airlines, Vueling and Transavia, usually have good prices, especially if you want to travel with just a backpack.

Is good to keep an eye on prices, as they sometimes might get really expensive, so ideally if you want to travel on a budget you could just check what is cheap close to the dates that you want to travel, instead of just picking exact dates and destinations. Since living in Europe would give you the long term possibility to go to the places that you want to know most when a promo or a discount appears. I’ll recommend that you check up these websites, and put alerts to the places that you are interested in to visit or use the functionality that some of them provide, like Kayak or Skyscanner, where you can just say the point of origin and ask for the list of destinations that are cheap at the moment.

Here is a list of the websites that are more commonly used when thinking of planning your trip is about:


For your stay, the cheapest options are Couchsurfing which will make your stay and the place you want virtually free, although the main purpose of this method is to get to know some of the locals. Hostels are a cheap option if you don’t might sleeping with strangers in the same room, and if you prefer more privacy, good hotels can be found with discounts all the time. For this Booking might be your best ally.



Now, Europe, in general, is pretty safe, although there are destinations that are safer than others.

So, be sure to find out what are the best locations in the place you are planning to visit and try picking up a place to stay, that is either close to the main area, or to public transport. And always double check users reviews of the given hotels/hostels/couch. Never rush choosing the place where you are going to stay, or you might end up pretty far away from the things that you want to see, or in a place where you don’t feel comfortable.


Take your time to find the perfect place to enjoy your trip.