Czech Republic is #1 country for work abroad

Have you heard of the theory of "Coconuts and peaches" types of nationalities? Click and read.

Expat Insider is one of the largest surveys worldwide offering an analysis of expat life across the globe. More than 12,500 respondents representing 166 nationalities and living in 188 countries answered the questions, providing insight into what it means to be an expat in 2017.

The ranking of 65 destinations across the globe lists the best (and worst), focusing on essential topics:

  • Quality of life;
  • ease of settling in;
  • working abroad;
  • family life;
  • personal finance;
  • cost of living.

So how did foreigners living in the Czech Republic rank their adopted home?

While it still appears among the Top 15 countries for expats this year, Czech Republic fell one spot from #10 in 2016 to #11 in 2017.

The Czech Republic outranked a number of European countries including Netherlands (#13), Norway (#20), and Switzerland (#27) as well as the US (#43), Canada (#16), and UK (#54). That is pretty good, huh?

However, these results are the overall results. Let’s have a look how it was scored across individual categories.

Category: Working abroad

The standout category for expats in the Czech Republic was Working Abroad – the nation was ranked #1 overall, placing high in the Job Security, Work-Life Balance, and Career Options sub-categories.

Category: Quality of Life

The Czech Republic ranked #5 overall for Quality of Life (up two spots from last year), scoring high in the sub-category of Travel & Transport and consistently scoring in the top 20 in the areas of Leisure, Personal Happiness, Health & Well-Being, and Safety & Security.


Category: Easy of Settling index

Well, this article would be hard to believe if it is full of rainbows and unicorns only.

One problematic area for the Czech Republic was reflected by the Ease of Settling index; the country scored near the bottom of the rankings in Language, Friendliness, Finding Friends, and Feeling Welcome.


We do not want to defend our country, but…have you heard of the theory of “coconuts and peaches”?

There are two kinds of nationalities. One is being compared to the coconuts and the other to guess what? Peaches, you are right!

Peaches-nationalities are really easy to get IN. Their skin is not so hard, so you can get easily in, to the sweet part, but then? You hit the hard stone.

On the other hand, coconuts are hard from the outside but delicious and sweet from the inside. Once you crack the skin, you get only sweet, sweet, sweet heaven and no stone.

Let’s not point our fingers what are the peaches nationalities, but Czech nationality is definitely the coconut!

Big thanks go to the Expat insider and for sharing this research and information.