Employee card

Employee card is a magical card that represents both – permission to work and permission to live. This means, that you do not need any extra visa or permit.

Who needs employee card?

If you are a citizen of the EU, then you are fine and you do not need it at all. The door to the job market is wide open for you without any restrictions.

However, if you are a non-EU citizen, you need to get employee card (or Trade license, but that is a different story and you should read this article).

You have to apply for employee card in the country of your residency ( you cannot apply in the Czech Republic). There are some exceptions, that you can apply also from another country than yours. Read Consular Territorial Competence where to submit an application.

Before you apply for a job in the Czech Republic, the employer needs to register this position to the job centre/unemployment office – so called “urad prace”. The position must be there more than 30 days and then you can apply. This position has an identification number which you will need when filling in the application for employee card. After applying, the process usually takes 90 days (120 days in special cases).

The employee card can be issued for maximum 2 years and then it can be repeatedly prolonged for 2 years. In case you would decide to leave your employer connected to your employee card, please make sure that before you do that, you find another employer so you can transfer your employee card. The employee card can be held only when you fulfil its purpose, which is employment. You have to be continuously employed, otherwise, you cannot legally stay in the Czech Republic.

When being employed, you do not have to worry about health and social insurance. You will be automatically enrolled in the public system and the employer will pay the fees on your behalf. Yaaay.

When there is a family member or partner of yours, she/he can apply for temporary residency which gives her/him permission to work as well. Within European Union, it can be also your boyfriend/girlfriend, but because you do not have any legal document proving your relationship, you will have to prove it yourself with pictures, flight tickets to vacation, etc.

Employee Card application requirements

  • Application form
  • Passport
  • 2 photos
  • Criminal record (not older than 6 months, check if you need to enclose apostille)
  • Pay fee 1000 Czk

You have to prove with documents:

  • the purpose of stay (employment contract, work agreement or agreement the on the future agreement, a document proving qualification – if required)
  • accommodation (for example rent agreement etc.)
  • financial means (for example bank statement and international credit card etc.)

To read more about the process visit website of the Ministry of Interior.