Epic Nightlife of Prague

Be it high-class bars or world-class music festivals; when it comes to nightlife, Prague doesn’t mess around.

Prague, the bustling Czech capital, is on the rise and quickly becoming one of the hottest nightlife destinations in all of Europe.  One could easily spend months and never hit the same club or watering hole twice. From underground dungeon taverns and craft whiskey speakeasies to extravagant nightclubs and cutting-edge international music festivals. There’s no question, if going out for a night on the town is your thing—Prague is ready and waiting for you.


Hemingway Bar

Named after famed American novelist, Ernest Hemingway, Hemingway Bar is perhaps the best establishment for classic ambiance and sophisticated, craft cocktails in all of the Czech Republic. Here, there is a genuine love for top-shelf spirits from around the globe with enough variety to make even the most experienced connoisseur’s head spin.  For the “adventure” lover, they also offer an impressive selection of rare and curiously strong absinthes.


Let It Roll

Let It Roll is by far the largest drum&bass festival in the world and indeed a sight to behold.  Held at Milovice Airport just 30 minutes outside of Prague, Let It Roll has been going strong since 2002 and brings in over 30,000 ravers to see nearly 350 of the best drum&bass and jungles acts from across the globe. The legendary event, which happens for three days & nights in early August, is hands down an absolute must for fans of this hyperkinetic and bass-driven music.  



For those with a taste for living on the wild side, there’s Harley’s biker-themed bar and venue. This hazy, dimly lit underground bar is well known for its raw, loud rock music and tattooed, fireball-shooting bartenders. Harley’s is a far cry from much of the more standard Top 40 hits and electronic music you find in nightclubs around the city. If getting out of your comfort zone is your thing, then make a plan of getting into Harley’s.



Mecca is for true EDM heads with a taste for the finer things. This three-story club is a mainstay for locals and visitors alike: featuring techno, house, and other mainstream electronic styles. The interior of Mecca is famous for its extremely lavish decor, making it a hotspot for the city’s upscale late-night crowds. And with weekly lineups consisting of the best performers and DJ’s from across Europe, you can count on the party going well into the morning hours at Mecca.