Europe? Why not.

Learn more about this continent and what it has to offer. Step out from your comfort zone and give yourself a chance to experience a wonderful period of time in this charming part of the world.

You may ask, why would I leave America, Asia, Africa. Why would I want to leave the continent where I was born, where my family is, where my roots are…There are too many languages in Europe, too many cultures, too much confusing history which I can never understand. It is a mess.

Try to ask yourself these questions differently? Isn’t it awesome that those tiny countries vary so much that just when I cross the borders I can visibly see and feel the differences? I can learn other languages and I can get to know so many cultures and the history is amazing because thanks to that there is so many beautiful buildings and views…

Do you like fish&chips? Go to England. Is cheese your middle name? Viva la France. Is your blood mixed with beer? Prague Prague Prague.

In Europe, you can find anything. One day you can spend by skiing and enjoy the snow, the other day you can lie on the beach drinking beer. There is everything. Beautiful nature, mountains and beaches, great food, many types of culture and everything is close.

Life is short, the world is huge but distances are small. Do not let your fear of unknown take this great adventure from you. There is the internet and planes to help you stay in touch with those who matter the most.