Family members

There are two options for securing permission to bring immediate family members (spouse, children) to the Czech Republic: You can either get a family visa or secure a business visa or employee card for each eligible family member.

Family visa

If you get a business visa (you get it for max. 1 year), your immediate family members can apply for a family reunion visa (also 1-year duration).


  • Spouses older than 20 years of age. (Please note that boyfriends/girlfriends aren’t covered under the family visa.)
  • Children up to 18 years or up to 26 years if they are students.

Under a family visa, your spouse can work under Trade license (e.g. freelancer). She is eligible to apply for an employee card from her family visa (90 days and up). After a year of family visa, she can apply for a long-term residency ( the purpose of a family reunion). She can, therefore, work on trade license from the beginning or have free access to the labor market if a holder of a long-term residency and you are here for more than 15 months. She can apply for trade license in the Czech Republic but she would need an apostilled Criminal record. Get it before you move to Prague. Also, you would need a marriage certificate apostilled and translated.


  • Once you get your visa, issuing a family visa for your spouse and/or children is quite easy.
  • We don’t recommend that you apply for both your business visa and family visa at the same time. It is better to wait until you secure a business visa before applying for a family visa for your spouse and/or children. This means you might not be able to move to the Czech Republic at the same time. There would be few weeks/months delay.

Business visa/employee card

Your spouse can apply for his/her own business visa or employee card, provided that he/she finds a job in the Czech Republic. There are many foreigners working in the Czech Republic. While finding a job in some sectors is quite easy (IT, language teaching, international shared service centers), others can be quite difficult (jobs that require you to speak the local language or have special certifications like a doctor or lawyer).

We can offer you advice and answer questions you may have about the Czech labor market.