Grocery Shopping in Prague

As a new expat in Prague or planning to move here, one of the questions that you might want to get a clear answer is “How expensive and easy is doing grocery shopping to buy things that you’ll be needing on a daily basis”



Prague is no different from any other major capital, so you will definitely find most of the stuff you are used to, unless you are coming from a very exotic place like Brazil or Thailand, however if you are looking for something specific from your culture or any that you like you might be lucky, there are specialized grocery stores around Prague like Korean, Vietnamese, Pakistani, Lebanese, American, among others were you can find what you need.

Food quality overall is pretty good, especially meat, poultry, sausages, and hams, which you might be even be surprised at their prices, usually for getting one full chicken breast you will pay around “120 CZK” (5 USD) and for a set of salami and pepperoni “30” CZK (1.32 USD), here is a link where you can check all the prices by yourself, so you’ll have a better understanding of what is the cost of everything.

There are many Butchery shops around Prague, however, it might be tricky to go alone without a Czech speaking friend, which will probably provide better quality and prices but maybe is not where you will be going if you are not familiar with the language and with the specific types of cuts that you’ll need.

Now, if we are talking about fruits and vegetables they can be either pretty good if they are strawberries, berries, tomatoes or any other common fruit is grown/sow in the country or its surroundings, but if you want to get something like a mango or passion fruit, you might get them here but it will probably won’t be the same as getting those near the Caribbean. Fish is also a bit tricky since there is no sea around here, you’ll have better chances of getting (sweet water or river fishes) but if you want sea fish, it will be either a bit expensive or not as fresh as you would want, though that doesn’t mean the quality is not good but is something to keep in mind.



Besides small convenience stores or supermarkets, you should definitely try the local farmer’s markets that set up their stores in different plazas or parks around the town. Get ready for homemade bread, homemade wine, cheeses, sweets, poultry, eggs, milk, fresh raw fish and more.

If you want to have the holy experience during your stance, I truly recommend to go and visit one of these local farmer markets situated around the city:

  • Náplavka Farmer’s Market (Prague 2)  
  • Trhy Tylák Farmer’s Market (Prague 2)
  • Jiřího z Poděbrad (Prague 3)  
  • OC Arkády (Prague 4)
  • Barrandov (Prague 5)
  • Smíchov (Prague 5)
  • Farmer’s Market Kulat’ák (Prague 6)
  • Kuban (Prague 10)

Into depth

There are some foods and drinks that are worth mentioning with a bit of more detail, so I’ll jump into those so you can have a clearer picture.


Unless you grew up in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic or Slovakia (Or nearby), you might find that bread here might be really different to what you are probably used to, especially if you are coming from South America or the United States. The Czech bread is pretty good but very unique so you might have to get used to it, although more international styles can be found, is not as easy as getting the local one.

Also you might be a little bit shocked with the average sliced bread that you can find in the supermarkets (Tesco, Billa, etc), as it tends to be a bit harder than usual and with a peculiar taste, so I do recommend that if you can try finding this brand “Colussi Pan di casa” which might be more familiar if you are coming from America. You can get it in some Vietnamese convenience stores “Potraviny” or Rohlik which I would get into details later.

Bread recommendation (Link)


Czechs are very proud of their breweries and there is a reason for it, the Czech beer is simply awesome!!! There are many microbreweries around the town, but since we are talking about grocery shopping I’ll be referring to the brands that you can get in a convenience store or supermarket.



The most well known is by far Pilsner Urquell which you can find either bottled or canned in different sizes and pretty much everywhere. Another popular one is Krusovice which also has dark beer version if you are into it. Now besides these two there are a lot of Czech brands, but if you are curious about foreign brands, the ones that you can find easily here are Corona (Mexico), Heineken (Germany), Stella Artois (Belgium), Budweiser (USA) and others, though you might get lucky finding your favorite brand.

Some Potraviny and other supermarkets have extended hour service where you can buy alcohol and beer, even if it’s a bit late in the night.


Maybe Czechs are not super famous around the world for their wine, but they have this whole region in Moravia were they made outstanding wine, which you can get easily in any convenience store or specialized wineries shops all around Prague, though if you prefer wine from Chile, Argentina, Italy, France or Spain you will definitely be able to find it here too.

If you want to know more about recommended wines, check this blog post 


Is important that you familiarize yourself with the main brands, so if you spot one you’ll know right away that it is a supermarket, so here is a picture with their logos 😉


You’ll be able to find pretty much everything you need in terms of food, cleaning stuff’ and personal care items, though for the latter you’ll have a broader range of options if you go to “Teta” or ‘dm” which specialize in these products.

Since most of the time you’ll probably be busy coding and having fun, there are a couple of online options to do your groceries shopping and set up a delivery time at your convenience. Tesco provides this service and most likely the other big brands too, though I’ll recommend that you install the Rohlik app in your phone or web site they have lots of products, prices are as good as any other, their service is very reliable and is quite possible that your delivery guy speaks English in case you need to communicate with him.

Lastly rest assured that you’ll be able to pay with debit/credit card in most of the places mentioned, except for the farmers market where you’ll need to take some cash with you if you want to bring home all the delicious stuff you’ll find there.

Here I’ll share a link provided by Airbnb with an updated list of stores that you can find in Prague. However this map doesn’t show all the stores around the city, but you can take a look at google maps to see the stores near the location that you live.


I hope this information helps you ease the process of moving to Prague and keep an eye for future articles to come 🙂