The Honest guide

The Honest guide will guide you around Prague. It is funny, smart and HONEST. Full of tips and tricks, stuffed with Czech culture and hidden spots. Explore Prague!

It is always hard to get around a foreign city. You do not know the place, you have no idea how to get around with the public transportation, you do not know the traps and on the other hand, you are not aware of the beautiful hidden places that will take your breath away.

That is why would like to introduce you HONEST GUIDE. The Honest guide is a project created by Janek RubeA? and Honza Mikulka. It is a brilliant guide which will help you to make the most of your stay or of your life in Prague.

The Honest guide has made already many videos discussing different subjects, so to choose only one for a proper introduction is almost impossible. It is definitely worth it to watch all of their videos before your first visit in Prague. It is quick, funny and HONEST. Janek and Honza are not trying to hide anything. They are describing the life in Prague the way it is.

We picked these 3 videos discussing money, food and secret places of Prague.

Make yourself a cup of tea and watch, learn and enjoy!

Thank you Honest guide, for making it so much easier for us.