Living costs

Money is important. You should be aware of your budget, know how much you need to earn to cover your expenses, familiarize yourself with the local cost of living and calculate how much money you will need to get yourself settled in Prague.

Quick overview

  • Rent can be around 600 USD for a nice 2 rooms apartment. If you decide to go for flat sharing, it could be much lower.
  • Food really depends on you. It can be something around 15-20 USD/day. For reference here are some approximate prices: beer is 1.70 USD, lunch is 5.50 USD and a drink in a bar is 3 USD.
  • Public transport card is 23 USD/month
  • Flight tickets within Europe are inexpensive. With a low-cost airline carrier, you can travel for around 70 USD to many surrounding cities.

And the cheapest city in Europe for drinks is….PRAGUE!

Before relocating, it is wise to make a research. Watch how much you spend on living in your home country for a month.

Have a look at the link below, where you compare living cost of any two cities:

This is just a quick overview to give you a hint, an idea, what the living costs in Prague are. To learn more about prices of other commodities check out this cost of living calculator: