Pedro in Prague

This short video and article have been done for everybody who is looking for little push and reasons, why to change the life and move to the different country. Stop for a moment, watch this video and listen to his experience.

To live in a foreign country can be hard. It also can be a great adventure. But at the beginning, it is a shock for everybody, even if you choose to do this step yourself. Leaving your homeland, your town, what is more, leaving your family and friends. But if you endure and fight this “homesickness”, your life will be changed, you will meet new interesting people and get to know life and culture of another country. You will get stories to tell, to remember.

Watch what is Pedro saying about Prague in this short video.

”Hey! I’m Pedro, I’m from Porto, Portugal and I moved to Prague for a pretty cool job opportunity. I work as a developer, I enjoy creating all kinds of stuff and improving my lifestyle. In Prague, you’ll find some great views and you can get all the perks of a big European city for a fraction of the cost.

Come here and you’ll have an awesome time!”