Prague’s Hidden Hiking Adventures

For nature lovers, Prague’s tucked away day hikes are a must!

If you’re a hiking enthusiast (and who doesn’t like spending a bit of time in the great outdoors), Prague offers a bounty of beautiful forests, parks, and rolling hillsides without even needing to leave the city. So pack a daysack and get your walking shoes on to experience these hidden outdoor gems.  

Prokopské údolí

Located in Prague 5, this emerald valley feels like you’re completely outside of Prague. The path here has terrific views, places where you can feed goats and deer, its own restaurant, and even an area for swimming. Prokopské údolí is a hotspot for grilling, and with its multiple playgrounds, is also a great park for bringing the kiddies and pets along.

Divoká Šárka

Divoká Šárka, Prague’s most popular forest park has it all for a day of outdoor adventure: lakes and streams, cliffs, swimming areas, and trails winding off into every direction. The path surrounding the park is a 10km hike winding through lovely groves and hills.

For those who like to explore, Divoká Šárka’s cliffs are great for climbing and the taking in the surrounding countryside. This vast park abounds with wildlife viewing, including deer, rabbits, hedgehogs, wild boars, and large hawks. Divoká Šárka is easily accessible by tram which conveniently drops visitors off right at the edge of the forest.

Velká Amerika to Karlštejn Castle

Although Velká Amerika is a rock quarry, yet, its picturesque overgrowth is more akin to something you’d find in a fairytale storybook.  This hike goes through fields, forests, dirt roads and eventually to the famous Karlštejn castle.

You’ll also hike through a small town called Mořina, which is less than a half hour walk and along the way you can stop and see two smaller quarries, Malá Amerika and Mexiko.  Although Velká Amerika is a bit out of town, getting there is a breeze by bus or train.


Another great hike that’s a short trip out of town is Slapy, just south of Prague. Slapy can prove to be a bit bothersome to get to by train or bus, so it is recommended to travel by boat or bike. Another option is to boat or cycle one way, take your day hike, and then find a different route back to the city.

Once at Slapy, there are various trails and roads to take that winds through the rolling hillsides and lush, dark-green forests. Although you’re not very far away from the hustle and bustle of Prague, a trip here truly feels like you’ve stepped back in time with its quaint villages and old world taverns.