Public transportation in Prague


  • It is super easy to get around Prague.
  • The network is created by metro, tram and bus.
    • Metro – There are 3 lines of metro (A, B and C).
    • Tram – There are 21 day lines and 9 night lines.
    • Bus – There are 120 day lines and 15 night lines.
  • It runs 24/7.
  • It is safe.
  • There are apps helping you get around.

One of the biggest advantages of Prague transportation. It runs 24/7. The night intervals are longer and there are fewer lines running. Metro is the only exception. The first metro runs at 5 a.m. and the last one in the midnight.

Safety and accessibility

The driver really cares about the safety of passengers. If there is somebody who might look suspicious for some reasons, they will be asked to leave the vehicle. It is hard to unify the level of public transportation in Prague as there is a mix of new and older vehicles. Most of them are barrier free, but somewhere you will need the help of other passengers. In some cases, you can find in the vehicles special buttons for parents with baby carriage or disabled who need more time to leave the vehicle.

Useful apps

To help you with orientation use Google maps. Simply add your location and final destination and press the icon for public transportation and watch the miracle happens.

When you know the names of your original and final destinations you may also use You can also download an App.

How to get the ticket

Right after your arrival, we recommend buying a ticket. This ticket you can use for bus, tram and metro. Short term tickets you can get at every metro station. You can get the ticket for a different period of time – for 30 minutes, for one month, for a year….

Once you have the ticket there is no need to mark it every time you enter the vehicle (unless you have the short term ticket). Just have it with you all the time. It is also great that this ticket is applicable to all kinds of public transportation. One ticket and you are the king of the city.

If you plan to stay longer in Prague, best what you can do is to get Litacka?. In the link below you can find everything about this magic card. Where you can get it, how it works, how much it costs.

Link – – to get the card

First – you have to apply for this card and they have 14 days to give it to you. You can apply online and you will pay 100 Czk for the actual card or you can get an express one so they will give it to you immediately for 200 Czk. Once you have it, you have to get the coupons which you can get online. Without the coupons the card is worthless. However the e-shop with the coupons in not in English (grrrr).

Link – – to get the coupons


  • Ask a Czech friend to help you to get the coupons from the Czech website…
  • …or help yourself….You can go to any kiosk where the tickets are being sold and tell the officer what you need – worry free.