Summer Festivals in the Czech Republic

Summer and festivals belong together. "Czech" out these 5 we are bringing you.

With the weather finally on your side, summer is the perfect time to check out some of Prague’s  – and the rest of the Czech Republic’s festival highlights. Browse through some of the most popular festivals and find out which weekends you’ll need to tell your friends about!

Cesky Krumlov International Music Festival

If you haven’t had the chance to make a weekend trip to Cesky Krumlov yet, this has got to be your calling. You’ve got three weeks to decide when to make your appearance, and this event hosts classical music, opera, and jazz with a bit of cultural folklore music from top performers all around Europe. The event takes place all over Krumlov with indoor and outdoor stages, giving you the options for the kind of scene you’d want to experience.

Metronome Festival

In June, Prague opens itself to the largest music festival in the city. Featuring both Czech and international musicians, it’s a huge collection and gathering of top performers from around the world. The event lasts two days and tickets usually cost 130 Euros per person (a bit pricier than usual but is definitely worth it).

Czech Beer Festival

Of course, when it comes to the Czech Republic and beer, there needs to be a worthy festival and gathering for it. This event lasts 17 days straight in May, with over 120 different beers to taste. Those who attend usually wear Czech attire to fully embrace the cultural experience. With lots of music, beer and events lined up to keep everyone entertained and satisfied, it’s no surprise that this attracts nearly 200,000 people each year!

Colors of Ostrava

For those who are seeking the ultimate music festival experience, Colors of Ostrava is it, taking place on the second or third weekend in July. It’s one of the largest music festivals in all of Europe, known for hosting big named international bands and performers. You can rest assured that there will be close to 100 bands over 26 stages during the 4-day festival. Stages are both indoors and outdoors with workshops, live lectures, discussions and even a cinema on the side!

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

If you’re a film junkie, this is definitely something you’d appreciate. Held annually in July, this is the largest film festival in the Czech Republic and the most prestigious in Central and Eastern Europe, attracting well-known international actors and actresses. Here you can find over 200 films from around the world being screened with the appearance of famous filmmakers.