Top Food and Eatery Joints in Karlin

Looking for a satisfying lunch during your break or after work? Check out our list...

Karlin is becoming more hip than ever – with the sprouting of new restaurants, cafes and bars to accommodate the growing workforce and offices relocating into this district. Looking for a satisfying lunch during your break or after work? Check out our list…

Presto Meat Market Bistro
Are you a meat lover? If so, this place is a must. Presto Bistro prides themselves as first and foremost being a local gourmet butcher shop –– and then expanding to serve its gastronomy combinations for peak windows during breakfast (8–10:30) and lunch (11–15) for reasonable prices. Even better, you’ll be sure to have quality meat that’s been brought in from local farmers. They often offer cooking course as well, so be sure to check out their website for more info.

A restaurant, bakery and stylish cafe all in one in the heart of Karlin area (Prague 8). With its title of Michelin Bib Gourmand, you can expect only the best quality with a sensible price. Eska strives to transform seemingly ordinary ingredients into exceptional cuisines through old techniques. If it sounds like its too over the top, let yourself be sold by its coffee or croissants, and they’ll have you hooked in no time.

Cafe Frida
A hip and funky venue with a cool vibe. Bold atwork on the walls, bookcases in the back, posters barely hanging near the bathrooms trying to catch your eye, yeah. It’s definitely a nice place to chill out with some friends over some nachos or its other Mexican inspired dishes. After, grab a few cocktails and several hours can easily pass with its calm atmosphere. Be sure to make a reservation though, tables tend to fill up fast!

We can really recommend this place for its breakfast and its obvious convenience (because it’s located directly right under our office)! Aside from our bias-ness, they really kill it with breakfast. I mean, eggs, bacon, veggies and all. Plus orange juice. Plus coffee. That’s all given in their special menu offer, for less than 200 CZK. They also offer soups on the daily, as well with a selection of sandwiches, snacks and baked goods. And yes, the coffee is on point.

Beas Dhaba
If you’re at the office late, be sure you’re late enough to hit 7PM, because that’s when they knock down the prices and give you a whooping 60% discount. That’s right. Buffet-style vegetarian and Indian-inspired cuisine full of flavor and spices for your taking. Yum.

Craving some sweets or dessert? This Parlor will hit the spot. With their intense and various selection of ice cream sandwiches (with cookies), you’ll start drooling before you even take a bite. What makes this space really special is its interior –– full of hanging plants from the ceiling everywhere, making you feel like you truly found a little oasis. If you happen to just walk by, stop in and just grab a coffee. Also worth it.

Feeling Czech? Make your way down to Lokal, where they indeed cater to the locals and tourists alike –– with the infamous goulash, meat and potatoes all day long –– and of course, pivo (beer). Come on an empty stomach!

Poutine from Garage
Ever wondered what Canadian food is? This garage brought it straight to Prague. Get your hands on some fresh hot fries topped with the meat of your choice, plus extras. Our guys recommend the poutine with pulled pork meat –– yum!

A genuinely healthy AND tasty option for anyone. Podolka reminds their visitors that they are not “just a Vegetarian place,” but that they offer equal selections of healthy vegetarian, meat, and raw options to cater to each person. 

Nejen Bistro
An interior that holds a simultaneously industrial yet cozy feel and atmosphere. This restaurant focuses its meals around the art of the Josper Grill – an oven and grill in one. Due to their careful attention and sophistic.