What’s up? Beer!

Which country drinks beer the most?
Who is the biggest producer?
Where in the world can you get the cheapest beer?

Which country drinks beer the most?

When you look through the internet the first information you get is shocking. China? What? But then you realize, this information is there only to bring up the tension.

Yes, China produces 54 billion liters but when we speak about beer drunk per head, it makes only 40 liters per person a year.

Meanwhile, European countries still fly the flag for the most beer drunk in the world per person.

The Czech Republic, famous for brands such as Pilsner Urquell and Budvar, has the highest amount of beer drunk in the world per head at 143 liters, with 1.5 billion liters as a nationwide total.

Germany, known for the annual Oktoberfest beer festival, sold 6.4 million liters to 6.3 million visitors from all over the globe, doesn’t follow far behind with an estimated 110 liters per person.

China supped the most beer in total with 54 billion liters, however, this only works out to 40 liters per person when factoring in the country’s extremely high population.

7 out of the 10 nations with the most rapid beer sale growth were surprisingly Muslim-majority countries including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and Iran. The growth is driven by non-alcoholic beers in some countries such as Iran, and rising numbers could also be attributed to rising numbers of expats living in the Middle East.

Top 10: Countries listed in order of highest beer consumption per head

  1. Czech Republic: 143 liters
  2. Germany: 110 liters
  3. Estonia: 104 liters
  4. Poland: 100 liters
  5. Ireland: 93 liters
  6. Romania: 90 liters
  7. Lithuania: 89 liters
  8. Croatia: 82 liters
  9. Belgium: 81 liters

And what about the price?

If you wonder if the Czech Republic is the winner again, you are right. You can get a beer in Prague for $1.30 while in Oslo it costs $9.90.

Tasty and cheap beer. Sounds like the Czech Republic is the country to live in!