Your Mouthwatering International Restaurant Collection in Prague

When it comes to grabbing a bite to eat in Prague, you've got loads of options scattered across the city. Not sure what to choose? Let's break down some of our best choices for you according to types of cuisines and atmosphere.

Tip! Don’t forget to check out the local food delivery site ( if you just want the goods delivered straight to your door. Or if you plan to make your way down to the venue, reserve your table beforehand through this app (RESTU).

BRUXX (Belgian)

Now, this is any Belgian food lovers dream. Snack on some savory seafood dishes, namely oysters, or munch away at those famous homemade fries drenched in olive-based mayo. Yum.


GROSSETO (Italian)

How big of a fan are you when it comes to Italian food? Impress your taste buds (and your friends) with the culinary perfection of pastas, pizzas, sauces, and risottos that hook you enough to ensure that you will be back. Luckily, this chain is spread out in 4 locations, but we recommend the one at Namesti Miru; when the weather is great, they open up their garden terrace where you can eat and enjoy the fresh air.


Indian Jewel (Indian)

Spices, spices and spices. Who doesnt love em? We know that Indian food can get pretty pricey fast, so weve scouted out a place that offers a daily lunch menu for roughly 100 czk for a hefty full meal! The dishes rotate daily, but be sure to get in for lunch to try their specials for a�� or even A? the original price! A pretty great deal if you ask us a�� for lunch.


The Tavern (American)

Are you a burger and fry kinda gal or guy? Weve gotcha. Whether youre craving a juicy bacon cheddar burger or a smoked BBQ pulled pork burger, its all here. Known for its classic American diner-style feel, burgers and cocktails, youll be sure to come back.

Modry Zub (Thai)

Having that pad-thai crave? To be frank, this place ranks gold for its authentic and mouthwatering pad thai a�� it will not disappoint. Along with this dish, youll find all the Thai classics and may even come across your new favorite. This chain is sprinkled throughout Prague, but we recommend the venue at Narodni Trida for the best atmosphere.


LOKAL (Czech)

Its time to get Lokal. After all, you cant forget that were in the Czech Republic. Known for its pub culture, meaty eats and staple Czech cuisines, this is the go-to spot for Czechs and expats alike. They have bunch of locations, but the most famous sits on Dlouha street.


PHO Vietnam (Vietnamese)

If youre a sucker for Vietnamese food, this place is the key to your heart (and stomach). Widely believed amongst pretty much everyone as the best Vietnamese restaurant in Prague, youve still got to taste it for yourself. Highly recommend the bun nem and any of the pho bowls. Brace yourself for an addiction!


Hanabi (Japanese)

Finding an authentic Japanese restaurant is pretty rare in Prague, but weve found a keeper. With Japanese chefs and clients, you can be assured that youre getting quality. From sushi, to shabu-shabu, to rice bowls and to Japanese speciality desserts, whats it going to be?


T-Anker (Czech)

Weve gotta make sure weve got more than 1 Czech restaurant listed here. To make things even better, weve gotta admit that this ones probably has one of the best dining views in Prague. With a classic Czech menu with a dozen local beers on tap and a toss of some international cuisines, impress yourself with this killer view on the top of a rooftop (in summer)!


Lavande (French and Italian)

How does a creamy corn soup with spinach pesto sound to you? This place fixes together perfection on a plate for a reasonable price. What more could you want? Take a bite out of their steamy and flavorful risottos, pastas or marinated meats and be sure to thank the chef for their godly creations.